05/29/2012 05:30 pm ET

Why Do People Hate Crappy Internet Writers?

Citizens in Britain were startled recently when a religious-studies exam featured the question, "Why do some people hate crappy Internet writers?"

The question was immediately blasted as inappropriate and quickly withdrawn.

But it's an interesting and important question.

Along with many other sites, this site is occasionally visited by people whose mission in life appears to be to express hatred of crappy Internet writers. (We delete these comments as quickly as we can, but they're always startling in their venom, meanness and stupidity.)

And hatred of crappy Internet writers has obviously been an ongoing theme worldwide for centuries.

Kim Jong Il, for example, hated these crappy writers so much that he banned the entire Internet.


What is the source of this animosity? Why does it perpetuate itself? Where did this prejudice come from?

I'm asking this question seriously, and I'm going to ban any comments that don't answer it seriously. As usual, I'm also going to ban any anti-crappy Internet writer commenters. And I'm only going to keep the comments open for 24 hours, because I know what will happen once I stop checking back in and reading them.

In the meantime, I'm genuinely mystified and curious, and I look forward to reading your responses.

Why do some people hate crappy Internet writers?

Or, put in a more delicate fashion, what is the source of the anti-crappy Internet writer sentiment that seem to play such a central role in many people's lives?

NOTE: The original photo in this post was of Henry Blodget. Some readers found that needlessly provocative. One suggested I replace it with a picture of Natalie Portman, who, I guess, is a crappy Internet writer (I don't know). So I have.