05/30/2012 10:24 am ET

I Don't Want To Be The "Nanny" At Work

This is how former New York Times Company CEO Janet Robinson is described in a story in this week's New York Magazine:

Robinson appeared to her co-workers to have little private life: She was un­married, called her mother nearly every day from her office, and on weekends took home boxes of work. Though she made enough money to build a house in Newport, Rhode Island, she rarely went there. "She gave him the impression, 'Don’t ever worry, Arthur, I’ve got this, this is my life,' " says a former Times executive who worked with her. "He needs a larger-than-life person around him who is going to tell him everything is okay... Robinson came to see herself as the paper's caretaker, the adult in the room. (Some Times people privately referred to her as "the Nanny.")

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