05/30/2012 02:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dalian University of Technology City College Students Under Fire For Graduation Photo

Well, that's certainly a way to go out with a bang.

Graduating students at Dalian University of Technology City College in China got the surprise of their life after a warehouse near campus caught on fire-- causing smoke to billow everywhere, and making it look like the school was actually blowing up. The students were able to snap a picture celebrating their special day before being safely evacuated to a nearby hotel. The flames were brought under control and no one was injured.

dalian university of technology city college

“It’s too big a coincidence to see the university on fire today, the students are filled with love in seeing the school burn,” Netizen ‘Brent-J’, the student who uploaded the photos wrote in a caption.

Administrators at the technical college are not quite as pleased with shots as 'Brent-J.' Some uploaded other photos of students fighting the blaze with super-soakers and maintained that these students showed the "true sprit" of the university.



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