05/30/2012 10:53 am ET Updated May 30, 2012

Dayana Mendoza, Former Miss Universe, Shares Her Eccentric Beauty Secrets (VIDEO)

Ever wonder how a former Miss Universe keeps her eternal beauty?

According to Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe of 2008, it doesn't require a strict diet or a tough work-out regime. She likes to keep it more...natural? And while we Latinos are all about our home remedies, Mendoza has some serious tricks up her sleeve.

In this parody video, the Venezuelan beauty queen says that she gets photo shoot ready by scrubbing her body with arepas-- a dish made of ground corn dough or cooked flour-- before she eats them. But the real miracle worker seems to be parrot's saliva.

"Believe it or not, this got me the crown," she says in the Guanabee video before downing a shot of parrot's saliva. (Beware, side effects seem to include parrot-like screams.)

To stimulate her face muscles, Mendoza says the best technique is to "catch up with current events." Nothing like a story on self-deportation for a good frown.

Secret to her glowing mane? Mendoza brushes her hair 997 times!



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