05/30/2012 08:16 am ET

Katie Couric Wants To Interview Amanda Knox, Kate Middleton On Daytime Show

Katie Couric revealed some of the guests at the top of her wish list when her new daytime show airs in September.

Couric was speaking to reporters in Toronto about "Katie" on Tuesday, according to the Hollywood Reporter. She said that she would love to interview Amanda Knox, the American college student who was acquitted of murder charges after four years in prison.

"That would be a huge get, but that’s very competitive," Couric said about Knox. She also said that Kate Middleton "would be pretty nice to have on our show." She has already extended an open invitation to Sarah Palin.

On Tuesday, she added that she won't be clamoring to get Snooki on the show. "I like her and she’s cute and everything, and I think it’s funny that people find her interesting," Couric explained. "That’s great. But that’s probably not going to be first and foremost on our show."

She said that she would be open to discussing "Jersey Shore," along with other "huge" developments in pop culture and "things people are interested in."



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