05/30/2012 01:27 pm ET Updated May 30, 2012

Man Drives Truck Into Taco Bell Window Over Missing Taco

A missing taco inspired enough rage for a Huber Heights, OH man to ram his truck into a Taco Bell window. Thankfully, no one inside the Taco Bell was hurt.

Please understand how hard we are trying to not make any "gone loco for Doritos Loco" jokes.

Local police found the man, Michael Smith, rather quickly, as he drove his busted car away immediately and leaked engine fluid all the way home. Huber Heights Police Sgt. Chris Kash told Fox8 Cleveland, "Oh, we’ve had all kinds of vehicles into houses and businesses, and it’s always been an accident. There’s always been an impairment. But usually, people don’t run into Taco Bell intentionally just for a missing taco."

Lesson learned: let's all be sure to check our drive-thru bags before we drive away.

Check out footage of the accident from WKEF: