05/30/2012 01:11 pm ET

Obama's 'Perfect' Tweet: Is The President A 'Twoosh' Master?

Barack Obama can now add "master tweeter" to his resume.

Obama took to Twitter from Iowa on May 24 to answer a few questions regarding Congress's to-do list for the summer, and, despite the stressful challenge of having to answer difficult questions in a mere 140 characters, he managed to have a little fun with the process.

As shown in the video above, the president excitedly posted a "perfect" 140-character long tweet (apparently called a "twoosh") to one of the questions, triumphantly proclaiming, "I'm the master tweeter!" Check out his "perfect" tweet:

However, not long after this video was posted on Politico, a few people pointed out that his supposedly perfect tweet was not, in fact, perfect.

New York Magazine's Andre Tartar noted that the president put in a few too many spaces and periods, which helped stretch his 137 character-long tweet to 140 characters. Had he simply used the word "and" in place of the ampersand as the Atlantic Wire's Connor Simpson suggested, the president might have actually tweeted a twoosh.

But let's not bust Obama's chops too badly; the guy has obviously been making an effort to connect to his constituents using social media in creative new ways. Last July, President Obama had held a Twitter town hall with the help of the social networking site's co-founder Jack Dorsey, verbally answering questions tweeted to him in a live broadcast of the event. And, more recently, the president appeared in a Google Plus hangout to answer questions about his State of the Union address and discuss issues with others hanging out with him. Obama's even asked Spotify fans to create campaign playlists using the streaming music service.

Watch the President's Twitter skills in action in the video above, then tell us: Do you think his "twoosh" counts as a perfect tweet or not? Leave your answers, or tweet them to us @HuffPostTech.