05/30/2012 01:14 pm ET

Razistan: Photos From Afghanistan Show Unseen Sides Of The War

The war in Afghanistan is far from over, though one might forget as much given the Western media's waning interest in the conflict. As the longest war in American history unfolds, with more than 3,000 civilian casualties and 566 coalition fatalities recorded last year alone, critical stories from within the country continue to go untold.

HuffPost World is proud to partner with Razistan, a new initiative working with both local Afghan photographers and foreign photojournalists, to share the underreported stories of Afghanistan and its people. The name Razistan means "land of secrets," and the project aims to showcase the situation in Afghanistan through a series of photo essays.

Click here to read HuffPost World's full Q&A with Razistan's publisher Marcos Barbery and learn more about the project.

Check out a selection of photographs from Razistan below showing the unseen sides of the war.