05/31/2012 01:57 pm ET

Alonzo Trinidad, Phoenix 4-Year-Old, Doing Well After Being Impaled In Face By Drumstick

A Phoenix 4-year-old is doing fine after he was impaled in the eye by a drumstick, according to news reports.

ABC 15 in Phoenix reported that the boy, Alonzo Trinidad, slipped while he was at daycare -- and fell directly onto a toy stick.

"I slipped," Alonzo told ABC 15. "The stick went into my eye."

Fox 10 reported that doctors at Phoenix Children's Hospital operated on Alonzo for five hours to remove the stick that had entered through the boy's eye socket and into his brain.

"You didn't see the eye, all you saw was a stick lodged in the eye socket," Emily Trinidad, Alonzo's mother, told Fox 10.

Doctors successfully removed the stick, and the only evidence of the incident, now, is a scar on Alonzo's head, ABC 15 reported.

Last year, 86-year-old Leroy Luetscher, also of Arizona, fell and impaled himself on his pruning shears while he was gardening. The handle of the shears entered in through his eye socket, and "went down into his neck, resting on his external carotid artery."

However, doctors were able to remove the shears, and the only health issue he faced afterward was some eyelid swelling and some double vision, HuffPost Weird reported.

For the full report on Alonzo, watch the ABC News video above. And for some amazing X-rays, click through the slideshow below:

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