05/31/2012 02:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Andrew Bird 'Eyeoneye' Video Animates The Musican (VIDEO)

If you've ever wondered what Andrew Bird looks like on the inside, his latest video for "Eyeoneye" is a whimsical entry point (think Magic School Bus). The video, which puzzlingly premiered on Etsy, features an animated Bird made of felt (there's your Etsy connection), cut open to reveal fireworks, levers, smoke, and little people -- about what you'd expect to see stirring inside a man obsessed with Greenland and Scythians.

As explained by the felt experts over at Etsy, the video's director, Yu "Ewan" Morita "decided to play with textural contrast for the video, using soft, fuzzy felt pieces to construct internal organs."

Aside from making quirky homemade videos, Andrew Bird is on a tour. Find out more here.