05/31/2012 05:32 pm ET Updated May 31, 2012

Bikini Robbery Worth $200,000 Goes Comically Wrong

It would have been the sexiest grand theft ever. Instead, a bikini robbery worth $200,000 turned into slapstick comedy.

At about 5:30am Sunday morning, Tustin police noticed a suspicious white van outside of a Tustin warehouse and that the warehouse fence had been cut open. Eight hoodlums in their mid-20s and 30s had cut gaping holes in the warehouse front doors and threw as many swimsuits as they could into trash bags, LA Weekly reports.

Two of the eight stayed outside as lookout in a separate vehicle. After grabbing their stringy loot, the suspects jumped back in the van and took off on the 405 freeway. When the Tustin police attempted to stop the van, the robbers reportedly jumped out of the moving vehicle in an attempt to escape. Not surprisingly, they failed, and all six were arrested, City News Wire reports.

The two look-out delinquents tried a different escape route-- the 5 freeway North. Alas, they didn't get far, and were both arrested, the Los Angeles Times reported. Here's who was in the bikini crew, including two women:

Baldomero Lopez Morales, 28, Downey

Allan Jose Lopez, 25, Downey

Omar Bermejo-Cruz, 27, Downey

Johnathan Alexander Chamorro, 24, Bellflower

Rogasiano Carpintero, 35, Los Angeles

Jose Luis Montecinos, 26, Los Angeles

Guillermina Ventura-Moran, 33, Huntington Park

Norma Yaneli Sanchez, 26, Los Angeles

If it wasn't already clear, it appears that most of the defendants are inexperienced in the field of crime. That is except for Carpintero, who has four prior prison convictions and could face more than 10 years in prison.

Clearly, some Angelenos are serious about pool parties over Memorial Day weekend.



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