05/31/2012 09:49 am ET

Cardboard Hobo Sign iPad App Is Targeted At 'Tech-Savvy Homeless' (PHOTOS)

Are you a homeless iPad owner? Well, then you're in luck. There's an app for that.

Software publisher Spoonjuice debuted its second iPad app, Cardboard: The Original Hobo Sign, this week. The free create-your-own-sign app is designed "for the tech-savvy homeless," according to Spoonjuice's website.

The iPad app is fairly simple to use, with the choice of three backgrounds and three fonts. Users can type their own text or try out one of the programmed quips, including "Why lie? I need a cold beer" and "I can count to potato."

While the app may come off as slightly offensive when taken seriously, the intent behind it is not. Cardboard is just an app that allows you to create digital signs. What you put on the signs is up to you.

Although Spoonjuice makes its target audience apparent -- "This app is the ultimate swiss army knife tool for any hobo of the modern era" -- we're more inclined to think the app will fair better among hipsters.

On the other hand, Cardboard may do well among the backseat crowd, if app reviewer 5HOLEE is right. "This is a great app for the kids in the backseat. They take turns writing funny messages and flashing the passing cars," 5HOLEE wrote on the app's iTunes page. "It's hilarious to see the other people's faces."

Check out the gallery below to see some of the possible signs you could make in the Cardboard hobo sign iPad app.

This app is available for free from the app store (here).

Cardboard App Screenshots