05/31/2012 01:13 pm ET Updated May 31, 2012

Dina Lohan Not Starring In 'Hollywood Exes'

Reports recent surfaced that Lindsay Lohan’s mother, Dina Lohan, is going to star in an upcoming VH1 reality show about the ex-wives of Hollywood celebrities.

But the famous mom spoke with The Huffington Post to set the record straight, saying one should not believe everything in print.

“I’m not starring in the VH1 reality show 'Hollywood Exes,'" Lohan said. “I just did a cameo [on another show] for a friend of mine who is on the show. It’s called 'DramaMamas' and is a very smart show. It’s about the auditioning and making of a Broadway show,” she added.

Lohan had a lot of fun taping "DramaMamas," she said, adding that her daughter Lindsay will not appear on the show.

And if "DramaMamas" becomes a hit, will there be more of a Lohan presence on TV?

“You never know,” Dina Lohan said.

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