05/31/2012 02:34 pm ET

Kelly Ripa Talks Peeing In The Pool On 'Live' With Mike Greenberg (VIDEO)

Kelly Ripa has never peed in a pool, but she does know when someone else is committing the summertime crime.

Ripa read a recent study which revealed the shocking statistic that one in five American adults still uses the pool as a public restroom and talked about the issue on "Live! with Kelly" (weekdays on ABC) on Thursday with her guest co-host and ESPN anchor Mike Greenberg.

Ripa explained that she knows when someone is urinating in a pool by their “I just peed in the pool" face. She proceeded to show the audience what the expression looks like and assured everyone that her children do not use a swimming pool as a toilet.

Greenberg said he is a bit of a germophobe -- and a Purell enthusiast. In terms of his bathroom habits, he shared that after some construction workers completed their job at his house, he changed the toilet seat.

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