05/31/2012 03:47 pm ET

'NY Med': ABC Announces New Medical Documentary Series Set In New York

"NY Med," an eight-episode documentary series follow-up to "Boston Med" and "Hopkins," is heading to ABC this July. The new documentary series will explore the lives of doctors and patients inside of Columbia and Weill Cornell hospitals, two of New York's most prestigious hospitals.

"NY Med" follows Dr. Mehmet Oz, of "The Dr. Oz Show," in addition to less recognizable names, as viewers "learn about those we depend on to fix us, and how sometimes they just can’t,” executive producer Terry Wrong said in a statement.

In a press release, examples of "NY Med"'s dramatic moments were offered:

When patients and doctors come together on “NY Med,” the stakes are frequently life or death. Rita Saverino, a Wall Street banker and mother of two, thought she would die from the grapefruit-size tumor in her stomach, but Dr. Tomoaki Kato, a maverick Japanese surgeon, believes he can help with an innovative operation called “ex vivo.” Even with the best trained surgeons, things go awry: A former Army officer goes into the operating room for a heart transplant, but wakes up to learn that the heart he has been waiting for was irreparably damaged during removal. Both he and his doctors are desperately disappointed, but what he does next will melt viewers’ hearts.

"NY Med" premieres July 10 at 10 p.m., ET on ABC.