05/31/2012 04:52 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2012

Paul Simon And Wynton Marsalis Talk Music (VIDEO)

"Musicians that have played with him love him and respect him in a way...[that] you can't buy," jazz musician Wynton Marsalis says of fellow artist Paul Simon. Marsalis speaks from experience: Simon and Marsalis performed together at Lincoln Center this past April, and more recently Marsalis got a rare opportunity to interview Simon. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the making of Simon's Graceland album, which is the focus of a new documentary, "Under African Skies."

He appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss their conversation, which spanned Simon's early appreciation for the music he heard on the radio as a child and the power of a shared appreciation for music to break down cultural barriers. They also discussed Simon's continuing to perform at age 70. ("You Can Call Me Al" is "not [his] favorite song to sing," he says. "That's usually the song that makes me stop touring.").

As discussed in the video, Simon is perhaps known for his haunting "The Sounds Of Silence," but he has produced an extensive oeuvre of work that speaks to what is human in all of us, with an attention to detail that fellow musicians such as Marsalis so admire. As Marsalis observes, he is "still seducing the country, half a century later."

Check out the video above for highlights from Marsalis' interview with Simon, plus footage of some of Simon's earlier performances.