05/31/2012 07:22 pm ET Updated May 31, 2012

Gotye Spoof, 'Some QB That I Used To Know,' Offers Hilarious Look At Tim Tebow And Peyton Manning Trades

The folks over at Humordy have unlocked the power of some serious meme potential. Their latest video touches on the (fleeting) triumvirate of internet glory: Tebow? Check. Peyton Manning? Check. Ridiculously catchy song we've all heard a million times? Check, times a million.

Throw in witty lyrics, tasteful (safe for work) nudity, and actors that actually resemble those in the original video? Check, but now they're just showing off.

Set to the tune of Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know, Humordy's Some QB That I Used To Know transcribes the innermost thoughts of a Colts fan on losing Peyton Manning, and a Broncos fan on trading Tim Tebow. Brilliant.

WATCH the Some QB spoof, above. The original song (in the miniscule chance you've yet to hear it), below: