05/31/2012 11:13 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Summer Hairstyles: 3 Easy Hairdos To Combat Frizz, Fluff And Humidity

Ahh, summer. While we love that it's beach season, we don't love what the high temps and even higher humidity does to our hair. And though it's tempting to just go off, wet-haired, into our offices...let's say we know a little better. So, what's a stylish girl to do? Call on celebrity stylist Nunzio Saviano. Named one of "The Best Of The Best" by Allure magazine, he knows his way around a mane. When confronted with summer locks, he strongly believes there's a 'do for you.

And we really do mean any hair type. His ladylike topknot will transform fine hair, the inventive side-chignon is a must for thick-haired (and curly) locks and long layers can do no wrong with a fishtail braid. Even better, the only prep you'll need is dry-to-the-touch, nicely-conditioned hair. Easy enough, right? To see all your hot-weather options, watch the video below.