06/01/2012 03:53 pm ET

Adrian Kline, Colo. Embalmer Accused Of Stealing Gold Teeth From Corpses, Pleads Guilty

Adrian Kline, a 43-year-old Brighton, Colo. embalmer accused of stealing gold teeth from corpses and then pawning them for cash, pleaded guilty to violating pawnbroker laws on Thursday, according to the Longmont Times-Call.

Kline was sentenced to a two-year deferred sentence for a felony charge of giving false information to a pawnbroker and two years of unsupervised probation for a misdemeanor count of providing false information to a secondhand proprietor.

Back in February when the scandal first broke, Longmont pawn brokers noticed that Kline was frequently bringing in dental gold and thought it was "creepy" and "weird."

Prior to embalming, Kline was accused of removing gold crowns from the bodies, and then after cremation, removing dental gold from the remains, according to 9News. He would then allegedly take the gold to pawn shops to sell. A Boulder Grand jury indicted Kline on suspicion of eight counts of providing false information to a pawn broker and two counts of providing false information to a secondhand dealer in February.

Fox31 spoke with Ted Willis at Classic Gold Jewelers in Longmont who Kline sold many of the crowns to who said, "[Kline] said his father, or grandfather, was a dentist for years and years and had piles old teeth he wanted to sell."

The Associated Press reports that police found a copy of Kline's driver's license with a bag holding about 20 gold teeth at one of the pawn shops he frequented.

Most of the dental gold game from Aspen Mortuaries in Lakewood, the last place that Kline worked, 7News reports.

Police say that from May through November of 2011, Kline made 17 sales at various locations that added up to nearly $4,000. Kline told police he has eight children and needed the money for food. He also told them that he only took gold out of the dumpster behind Aspen Mortuaries after they had been thrown out, but police believe the gold was taken from bodies inside the mortuary.