06/01/2012 05:04 pm ET

Apple iPhone 5 Mock-Up: Can We Trust The Rumors And Leaked Schematics?

iPhone 5 rumors are running rampant as the Worldwide Developer's Conference nears. Although it seems unlikely that Apple's iPhone 5 will be presented, there's always hope that Apple will surprise the masses with the real-life product.

While iPhone 5 rumors have yet to be substantiated, TechnoBuffalo has gone a step further and drawn up a mock-up of what the iPhone 5 would look like based on the recent rumors and leaks.

The tech blog used the photos of the rumored iPhone 5 frame, along with the alleged schematics that were recently leaked to piece together a plausible mock-up of the iPhone 5.

TechnoBuffalo's concept follows closely to the iPhone 4S, mimicking the outer design in certain respects. Aside from the elongated display and slight functionality changes such as the placement of the frontside camera, the iPhone 5 concept is not vastly different from its predecessors.

This is probably on par for what Apple has in store for the real-life iPhone 5. Knowing Apple's history, it's not likely that the next iPhone will be radically different from the iPhone 4S. As much as we want it to, the iPhone 5 will probably not look like Federico Ciccarese's sleek teardrop concept.

Check out the gallery below to see photos of TechnoBuffalo's iPhone 5 mock-up.

iPhone 5 Mock-Up