06/01/2012 03:12 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

How To Ride A Bicycle In Style This Summer (PHOTOS)

While summer bicycle riding may have once been a skinned knee-laced childhood memory or a way to get some exercise in the sun, it's now become one of the most preferred (and increasingly popular) forms of transportation. Whether you live in the city, countryside or by the sea, cycling around has become easier with lanes, paths and urban bike share programs like the one that will be implemented in New York City starting this July. On top of that, it's now much more stylish, too.

If you've spotted chic ladies pedaling cool bikes around town and wondered how they ride in bright sundresses, short shorts and wedges among other more pedestrian clothes, we've got answers for you. This season, fashion meets function when it comes to riding your bicycle (no matter the terrain). Here are three chic cycling ensembles and the wheels to go with them.

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Chic Cycling