06/01/2012 12:04 pm ET Updated Aug 01, 2012

CNN Birthday: Network Celebrates 32nd Anniversary On June 1 (VIDEO)

CNN celebrated thirty-two years on air on Friday.

America got its first cable news network on June 1, 1980. At the time, CNN was the first television network to air news 24 hours a day. Founder Ted Turner dedicated the channel to the cable industry for its "pioneering sprit," and the American people for their "thirst for understanding."

The network posted its very first news broadcast, which includes Turner's remarks, online last year to commemorate the milestone. The segment opened with a shot of the control room, CNN's logo and a graphic that said "The News Channel." Then, straight onto anchors David Walker and Lois Hart, who read out the news very simply. No music, no graphics, no preamble — not a hologram in sight. But it was something revolutionary all the same.

CNN may be struggling now, but its place in history is secured.



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