06/02/2012 10:05 am ET

'Cocoon House' Features Organic, Eco-Friendly Design [PHOTOS]

Ever wondered what it’d be like to live in a cocoon? A seaside condo slated to be built in South Korea might be as close as you can get.

Sandwiched between two cube-shaped buildings, a distinctive orb-like structure is likely why many are calling a new condo design by South Korean architects Planning Korea the Cocoon House. The building is meant to blend in with the volcanic landscape of Jeju Island, where it will be built, and even uses locally-sourced materials, according to the Daily Mail.

Planning Korea gained notoriety in 2010 for its ambitious Paik Nam June Media Bridge design, which features museums, malls and more inside a structure lined with solar panels that spans Seoul’s Han River, according to Design Bloom.

But Planning Korea isn’t alone in its emphasis on organic and environmentally-friendly architecture. Swedish furniture company Ikea recently revealed plans for an entire neigborhood that empahsizes sustainable living. Modular homes intended for recent victims of Hurricanes, known as Sunshower houses, also use recyclable materials, reports. Likewise, shipping containers turned into eco-friendly homes in Oregon have owners living in a box, even if they are thinking outside of it, according to NPR.

But when it comes to blending in with nature, the residents of what was once a secret commune in Wales are tough to beat. The self-sustained village, called Brithdir Mawr, was around for five years before an airplane spotted it and, avoided demolition due to its "sustainability" policy after a decade-long legal battle, The Daily Mail reports.

Check out the plans for the Cocoon House below:

Cocoon Home Designed To Resemble Nature