06/01/2012 04:01 pm ET

College Student Leaves Angry Voicemail About Money, Classes

Listen up: Don't mess with a college student's money. Like, ever.

And if you do, be prepared to sit through an irate voicemail speckled with all sorts of clever profanity from a student who claims not to be the type of person who cusses excessively.

According to Deadspin, a reader submitted a recording of one fed-up woman mouthing off to an answering machine regarding what seems to be some error with her class schedule.

And let's just say, for someone who says she doesn't do this often, she sounds like quite the pro.

Here's a snippet:

...When I'm paying for my school, and you f*****g with my money and my goddamn school, and I know I passed the goddamn class and you making me take some bulls**t for no motherf*****g dumb s**t 'cause your motherf*****g damn substitute teacher f****d up my motherf*****g attendance s***t, you got me f****d up.

Poetic profanity aside, an over-the-phone rant might be considered slightly less concerning than an in-class outburst nearly resulting in violence.

Earlier this year, a Florida Atlantic University student was escorted off campus by police after cussing at a professor, slapping a student and threatening physical confrontation.

Officers shocked the student with a Taser three times to get her to calm down, and she was later admitted for a mental health evaluation.

Sure, it feels good to vent, but angry messages aren't always the best way to get things done. Sometimes those commanding outbursts just become entertainment for others or, you know, the topic of online articles like this one.