06/04/2012 11:29 am ET

Kenny Dichter And Stephen Nitkin, MarquisJet Founders, Bet On CYC Spinning Gyms To Take Off In College Towns

Kenny Dichter and Stephen Nitkin, founders of MarquisJet and pioneers within the private aviation industry, stepped down from their roles in the company last summer after selling the company to NetJets, saying then, they'll turn their focus to finding the next "game-changer."

What they didn’t mention was that they're betting this “game-changer,” now called CYC, will grow out of the college market.

Poised for a fall 2012 launch, CYC is styled after a chic, urban gym. Instead of the Upper East Side, however, they’ll place spinning studios on campuses like the University of Wisconsin and the University of Texas at Austin, hoping students in towns with massive universities will welcome an alternative workout.

Nitkin said he thought of CYC while working out in New York City.

"Over the holidays last year, I kept noticing the [spinning] classes that I like to take were filled with college kids home on break. This experience is unique to a few big cities, and it's not out in the college market."

He says he was seeking to create an alternative to the intimidating, muscle-ridden gyms that tend to populate college campuses. This cycling workout emphasizes -- in addition to the traditional full body workout -- a social component. CYC gyms will allow riders to connect and compete with other riders during their workouts, as well as track progress and share results.

"We're a more social experience," says Nitkin. "I believe it's more fun to work out in a group than individually. It's bonding and a place to share similar interests besides the bars."