06/01/2012 08:37 am ET Updated Aug 01, 2012

Diamond Jubilee: Networks Hustle Across The Pond For Queen's Big Bash (VIDEO)

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There's nothing like a British royal celebration to get American broadcasters racing across the pond.

Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee is another chance for the Yanks to go all weak in the knees for the monarchy. While the coverage is nothing compared to the tsunami that was the royal wedding (recall that U.S. media spent far more time on Wills and Kate than their UK counterparts) the morning shows still made an occasion out of it.

The "Today" show parked Official Today Legend Meredith Vieira in front of the Tower of London (known more for imprisoning monarchs than celebrating them) for a special report about the Jubilee. Vieira took viewers inside the Tower, talked to royal watchers, the whole nine yards.

She will also report from Buckingham Palace on Monday, and Matt Lauer will join her on Tuesday for the actual celebration. It's like she never left!

"CBS This Morning" took a break from its hard-news mission to indulge in the festivities, sending Erica Hill to London through Tuesday. The show also got a nifty look inside Big Ben itself on Thursday.

ABC is holding back until the actual celebration begins on Tuesday, but maybe that's because they already got a two-hour Katie Couric exclusive special out of the anniversary.