06/01/2012 05:23 pm ET

'Fox & Friends' Associate Producer Will Keep Job After Making Anti-Obama Video

The associate producer credited for creating the "Fox & Friends" anti-Obama video will keep his job at the network, Fox News said on Friday.

The video, which aired multiple times during "Fox & Friends" on Wednesday, was so bombastically critical of President Obama that it ran into a hailstorm of controversy, with critics attacking it as little more than propaganda for the GOP.

Fox News then issued a statement soon after the video debuted. A top executive swore that no senior staff had been involved, and attributed the video entirely to associate producer Chris White, who, in spite of being lavishly praised on air for the long hours he spent on the video, suddenly found himself at the center of a swirling controversy. The network also removed the video from the Fox News' main website and aggregation site,

As the "Fox & Friends" attack video continued to make headlines throughout Wednesday and into Thursday, another storyline emerged. White had apparently received a job offer at CNN, which was reportedly rescinded in light of the anti-Obama video.

The Inside Cable News blog closely followed the emergence of the CNN storyline, noting that there appeared to be some confusion in corners of the press about when exactly White had been offered a job, and wondering why that confusion existed. A New York Times report later firmly cleared up the tangle of conflicting stories, as Jeremy Peters wrote that White had been set to jump to CNN before the controversy, but that, in an unfortunate twist, he had had the offer yanked in the wake of his role in the Fox News video.

On Friday, Bill Shine, the network's EVP of programming, issued a statement saying that White would be able to stay on at Fox News. TVNewser wrote that he has been there for "several years."



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