06/01/2012 09:10 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Harvey Weinstein, CNN: Movie Mogul Fills In For Piers Morgan, Gets Bill Clinton To Endorse Obama Again (VIDEO)

Since Piers Morgan couldn't be bothered to show up to interview a former president, he asked his friend Harvey Weinstein to chat with Bill Clinton on Thursday's edition of "Piers Morgan Tonight."

Wearing his ever-present black suit, white shirt and black tie, Weinstein ably carried the interview through a number of topics, including whether or not the president believed "a Clinton" would be elected to the White House in 2016. Clinton said he believed his wife, Hillary, was retiring at the end of Obama's term.

Clinton also reaffirmed his faith in Obama's reelection chances, saying he always believed Obama would win a second term (footage of that exchange is available below). "I still think the president will win by five or six points," he said. "I've always thought so. But it's closer than that today."

The former president also dismissed criticism of Romney's record at Bain Capital. "I don't think we ought to get into a position where we say this is bad work," Clinton said. "This is good work."

As The Wrap notes, the move wasn't all that shocking on either the part of CNN or Weinstein. The former's ratings are the lowest they've been in 20 years, so they might as well throw mud at the wall until something sticks. Meanwhile, Weinstein is a notoriously media savvy executive who has never shied away from being the center of attention. (Remember the time Harvey said he rejected a film pitch from none other than Barack Obama?)

Morgan hopped the pond to spend the week in England and cover the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Fortunately or unfortunately, he bought a roundtrip ticket. Friday's show will be hosted by Bill Maher.

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