06/01/2012 01:11 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2012

McDonald's Rap Video, 'Million Dollar Menu,' Is Fairly NSFW

We don't exactly know where to begin with this McDonald's-inspired rap video set inside several real life McD's establishments.

The song, "Million Dollar Menu," is performed by rap duo Buckwheat Groats. We'd tell you more about the biography given on their Facebook page, but we're pretty sure they weren't born in Grunwald, Poland in 1427, and it's slightly NSFW. Click over here at your own risk.

Regardless, the below video is equal parts hilarious and scandalous. If you're not prepared for scantily clad women dancing on formica tables and rubbing themselves with French fries, then it's probably not for you (or your office). We did, however, get a kick out of those poor McDonald's employees trying to get the rappers and their entourage out the door.