06/01/2012 11:51 am ET

A New Website Encourages Egg Freezing for Single Women

Brigitte Adams has chosen baby names for her future son or daughter. She's already got a copy of Goodnight Moon to read to her unborn child. But that baby isn't even a zygote yet. It's a dream on ice, one of 11 eggs that Adams froze last year at the age of 38, with babies on the brain but Mr. Right nowhere in sight.

Adams isn't the only panic-stricken woman in her late 30s doing this; more and more single women are freezing eggs, now with their parents - the hopeful grandparents - footing the bill, according to a recent New York Times story. But Adams was the only one to feel so alone and confused throughout the process that she started a website for wannabe moms like her. It’s called Eggsurance, which is both appropriate and tongue-in-cheek because just as with insurance, women who freeze their eggs hope they’ll never have to use them; they’d much prefer to meet a man and go about the business of procreating in the more traditional way. But if that never happens - or if it does, and their natural egg supply is too old and finicky - at least they’ve got a stash of frozen gametes at the ready.

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