06/01/2012 03:01 pm ET

OC Family Evicted Into Homelessness, Including A Child With Cancer (VIDEO)

It may seem like things could not get worse for a family with a ten-year-old child battling cancer.

But when this Orange County family got home Thursday morning from the Children's Hospital, they were greeted by Sheriff's deputies serving them an eviction notice, CBS reports.

The family only had a few minutes to grab some items before the locks were changed behind them.

“My brothers and sisters thought because they brought lots of cops that we were criminals or something,” said 10-year-old Jesus Ramirez, who is battling lymphoma and has undergone six surgeries so far.

Just like that, the eight-person family became homeless. “This is all we have right now … that we were able to take out of the house,” daughter Gabriela Ramirez said, pointing to a hamper and plastic dresser in the family car.

Family members were shocked by the eviction because they had been diligently paying their $2,200 rent on time each month. They were unaware that the bank had foreclosed on their landlord's home in Decmeber 2011.

“The owner never did discuss that with them or give them any notice," Celia Garcia, a family friend, told CBS. "They received a five-day vacate in the name of the owners and occupants -- so it didn’t even name them.”

Luckily, a realtor came to the home later Thursday and said that they could return. However, they do not know for how long.



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