06/01/2012 06:18 pm ET Updated Jun 02, 2012

'Snow White And The Huntsman' Reviews, 'Prometheus' And Madonna: The Week In Ouch

Mirror mirror on the wall, is "Snow White and the Huntsman" really the fairest of them all?

With a less-than-stellar 46 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it looks like critics aren't that impressed with the fairy tale epic. Slate called the film "disjointed" and "lugubrious," but that wasn't the film's only problem. Leading lady Kristen Stewart was also criticized for her "general aura of sulky passivity."

Never one for passivity, Madonna also found herself at the receiving end of a critical whiplash. The Queen of Pop kicked off her highly-anticipated MDNA world tour in Tel Aviv, Israel. The concert was billed as a "Concert for Peace," but the controversial popstar wielded a fake AK-47 and pointed it toward the audience. The Hollywood Reporter thought that was in poor taste.

Can these harsh critiques all be right? Or do these writers simply need a good book, some sun and a chilled beverage? Let us know which critical torpedoes landed on deserving targets and which fell wide of the mark in the comments.

The Week In Ouch