06/01/2012 03:20 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2012

Supersized Egg Found By Cookie Smith Has Another Egg Inside (VIDEO)

These days, supersized foods are quite common, but that didn't stop Cookie Smith from being shocked when she saw the egg one of her hens laid earlier this week.

"I just died laughing when I saw it," Smith told the Abilene Reporter News. "There in the nest was a 'mutant super egg.'"

Although the "super egg" was the same shape and color that Smith is used to seeing from her hens -- which she describes as "just scrawny little things" -- this egg-tremely large egg was an inch longer than normal and weighed slightly more than five ounces, three times more than the normal eggs.

Even more egg-citing was what happened after she cracked open the "Super Mutant Egg." Inside was a large yolk — and another intact normal-sized egg, the Associated Press reported.

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"Oh my word," Smith remarked to the Abilene Reporter News journalist as a complete egg slid out of the cracked shell, along with a bright yellow yolk and slippery white. "Would you look at that?"

Researchers say this kind of "double egg" is relatively rare and forms when "unusual contractions" force a developing egg traveling down an oviduct to move back into the ovary, where it is surrounded by another egg. Then, the concentric eggs are delivered as one, the Austin Statesman reported.

Experts said the eggs were probably safe to eat, but Smith and her husband, Leonard, declined.

"No way. It may be fine, but it's a mutant egg," she told the Abilene Reporter News. "Its DNA may be messed up or something."