Jeff Blackburn, Garbage Truck Driver, Saves Baby In Runaway Stroller Heading To Intersection (VIDEO)

A Seattle garbage truck driver sprang into action when he saw a baby in a runaway stroller heading toward a busy intersection.

While on his route on May 31, Blackburn saw a mother running with her child, KOMO reports.

He said the woman turned the stroller sideways at the top of a hill before talking to some friends, but soon, the carrier began rolling down the street.

Jeff Blackburn took off in his truck, blocked traffic and ran toward the small boy who was smiling, blissfully unaware of the dangerous situation he barely escaped.

"I pulled my airbrake and jumped out of my truck as fast as I could to stop the stroller 'cause the stroller was either going to go down the hill or cut into the curb,” he told KING 5 News. “Luckily it cut into the curb.”

Blackburn is being declared a hero, but he's not the first garbage truck driver to make headlines for a noble feat.

Just a few months ago, Phil Gaston was driving toward a garbage container when he saw a man bleeding in a garage in Edmonds, Wash. Todd Nelson had sliced an artery in his leg while cutting boxes, KIRO 7 reports.

Gaston brought out a roll of paper towels, created a tourniquet and stayed by Nelson's side until help arrived.