06/03/2012 07:52 pm ET

Extreme Weather Of The Week (PHOTOS)

Even for areas of the U.S. that did not see extreme weather this week, preparation for future events remains important. Researchers from Colorado State University announced an updated Atlantic hurricane season forecast this week, predicting that there will be "13 tropical storms, with five hurricanes and two major hurricanes," reported Reuters.

Phil Klotzbach, the forecasts' lead author, said in a press release, "We have increased our numbers slightly from our early April forecast, due largely to our uncertainty as to whether an El Nino will develop later this summer as well as somewhat marginal Atlantic basin conditions."

In Oregon, coastal communities including Coos Bay, North Bend and Charleston held a tsunami evacuation drill this week. Local resident Tom Paris, 79, said, "It needs to be done after what has gone on around the world," reported AP.

Officials announced this week just under half of the state of Indiana is now experiencing "abnormally dry conditions" and 15 percent of the state is "officially in a moderate drought," according to the Associated Press. Associate state climatologist Ken Scheeringa told AP, "We could use an inch to an inch and a half to keep up with the evaporation that we're seeing. And with the forecasts, that's just not going to happen."

In lighter weather news, check out this video compilation of weather reporters braving intense storms, and decide if you think they're heroes or a little bit foolish.

Below, find images from around the world this week of extreme weather and the damage it causes.

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