06/03/2012 12:28 pm ET Updated Jun 04, 2012

Luka Dances To Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal' At School Talent Show (VIDEO)

If Luka had any reservation about performing in his school talent show, he did an impeccable job of hiding it.

The moment "Smooth Criminal" blasts through the speakers, the 7-year-old eagerly pushes open the curtains and immediately channels his inner Michael Jackson.

Dressed in a sharp suit and tie, the young boy spins, moon walks and even falls into a split as the crowd claps and cheers to his energized performance.

Luka may have won over the audience with his tribute to the King of Pop, but earlier this year, another student found himself in hot water after imitating the classic MJ crotch-grab during a rendition of "Billie Jean."

Lenny Boberg, 9, was participating in a lip-synching fundraiser at school when he performed the questionable dance move, WCCO reports. The principal later approached the boy's mother and said her son could face suspension for the inappropriate gesture.

But the real question is this: Is Luka's performance on par with little Frankie's impromptu dance to "Smooth Criminal?"

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