06/04/2012 02:47 pm ET

7 Things That Make A Heartbreak Worse

I’m an advocate of feeling all the emotions that inevitably come with a breakup. If you don’t hurt every drop of hurt there is, all of your relationships moving forward will be tainted with your unresolved feelings from the past (and you’re in denial if you don’t think that’s true. Ever notice how guys who ‘don’t give a damn’ about their cheating exes also conveniently happen to be paranoid, jealous and controlling? Unresolved feelings at work…) so, this list is not about avoiding the reality of heartbreak. It won’t offer you a quick fix because there isn’t one. In fact, the word “quick” is in direct contrast to the only thing that makes you heal: time. However, there’s certainly no need to make things any worse! So avoid this.

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