06/04/2012 01:24 pm ET Updated Jun 04, 2012

Obama In College: 9 Things You May Not Have Known, From David Maraniss' New Biography

Barack Obama spent his college years like many people do: wearing what he thought was the most stylish outfit he could throw together and trying to find himself.

Obama attended Occidental College starting in 1979 and then moved to New York to attend Columbia University. According to excerpts released from David Maraniss' new biography of Obama, he liked to wear "stupid hats" and seemed to be pretty good at talking to the ladies.

However, on a deeper level, Obama spent a lot of his time at Columbia alone and trying to embrace his "blackness" while he received news of his father dying in Nairobi. Friends recalled Obama was a bit of a loner and went through a transformation in New York trying to figure out who he was as a person.

Check out 9 details you may not have known about what Obama was like during his years in college, from Maraniss' book:

Barack Obama's College Years, According To David Maraniss' Biography Of Him