06/04/2012 07:52 pm ET Updated Jun 05, 2012

Best Weekend Ever: What HuffPost Women Readers Did June 1st-3rd

For some, weekends mean sleeping in or catching up on everything you've DVRed during the week –- but evidently not for our readers! The first weekend in June had you cramming more into two days than we thought possible. Between training for 150-mile charity bike rides, paint balling and picking blueberries, you really made it seem like the best weekend ever. Maybe we should all take a cue from your adventures and make time to check out the local zoo and enjoy dinners outside -- after all, June really is the official start to summer.

Just in case you forgot, the premise here is that as much as we look forward to the weekend (even when it's only Monday), it's also fun to look back on the amazing couple of days you just had and appreciate that time.

Check out the photos below, and don't forget to take a snapshot of your favorite moment next weekend and send it to women@huffingtonpost.com. We'll feature it in next week's Best Weekend Ever slideshow.

LOOK: HuffPost Women Readers' Best Weekend Ever June 1st-3rd

Best Weekend Ever June 1-3