06/04/2012 01:15 pm ET

Doo-Wop Groups The Bane Of West Village Residents' Lives (VIDEO) (POLL)

Summer in New York City, for all its joys, brings many bothers-- swarms of bees, smelly streets, falling air-conditioner water, mosquitoes, the ice cream truck song, cement-compounded heat, and tourists.

And for West Village residents, a more unassuming evil has haunted their summers: doo-wop.

"I would like to shoot them all dead," Bleecker Street resident Rosemary Bella told The New York Post of the friendly singing groups.

The groups, like Spank (see video above), sing oldies for tourists over the summer, often outside Amy's Cake Shop on Bleecker Street.

"They have a limited repertoire of songs and don’t know that many. I don’t need to hear ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ 14 times,” Kat Georges, 50, who lives on Bleecker, told The Post. “I used to love doo-wop, but I can’t listen to it anymore. It’s horrible.”

The West Village doo-wop haters can rest easy, however. New York's finest are hot on the case.

Deputy Inspector Brandon del Pozo, commanding officer of the Sixth Precinct, says cops are investigating the complaints. He assured The Post, however, that "doo-wop is not a crime"-- which will likely become the rallying cry for all the doo-wop advocacy groups forming at this very moment.

For more on the Village's doo-wop doldrums, read the whole Post article here.