06/04/2012 07:40 pm ET

Food Trucks In Paris: California-Style Food Trucks Has Parisians Rethinking American Food (VIDEO)

California's food truck scene is taking over Paris!

A recent New York Times article about the arrival of food truck culture in France says that American food is penetrating the land of fromage and sole meunière -- much to the delight of Parisian pedestrians.

California native Kristin Frederick, who owns a burger truck named Le Camion Qui Fume (The Smoking Truck), described the obstacles she faced when starting her business: "People said: 'The French will never eat on the street. The French will never eat with their hands. They will never pay good money for food from a truck.' "

But the French are, in fact, doing all three. An accompanying video (above) shows customers adorably trying to eat tacos with forks and knives, or struggling to wrap their rouged lips around a big, American-sized cheeseburger.

The gourmet food truck trend -- high-quality ingredients fused together with culinary traditions from different cultures and served in informal settings -- can be traced back to the Kogi truck. In 2008, chef Roy Choi shook up Los Angeles' restaurant scene with his take on Korean-Mexican tacos, burritos and quesadillas. Now gourmet food trucks are mainstream (and dare we say oversaturated?), and the culture is going global.



Since Kogi's arrival, hundreds of other haute food trucks have come running, which means street food-loving Angelenos now have a lot to choose from. Still, sometimes nothing can replace the memory of a first love.

Kogi Trucks Around Los Angeles