06/04/2012 08:39 am ET Updated Jun 04, 2012

Lane Pryce, 'Mad Men': Season 5 Shocker Gets Fans Talking

NOTE: Do not read on if you haven't seen "Commissions and Fees" from Season 5 of "Mad Men."

After Don demanded his resignation for forging checks and embezzling funds fron Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (Harris) and his wife bought him a Jaguar (paid for with a check), Lane Pryce decided he couldn't bear his life any longer. He first attempted to snuff himself out with exhaust from the new Jag, but that car's engine predictably didn't work. After that darkly comic bit, he hanged himself in his office.

It was Joan who discovered that something had gone terribly wrong in Lane's office. Eventually, and at Don's insistence, Pete, Roger and Don cut him down and laid him on the couch.

Lane is the second victim (a loose term here) of Don's emotional insensitivity. Adam Whitman, Don's long lost brother who was brushed aside by our Mr. Draper, also hanged himself.

As expected, the dark developments had fans racing to the internet to blog and tweet their reaction to the events. What do you make of last night's episode? Vote in the poll below and let us know in the comments. For our entire recap on the episode, head over Maureen Ryan's post on the episode.

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