06/04/2012 09:31 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Pie Recipe Contest: Send Us Your Best Recipes

It will officially be summer this month, and what better way to celebrate this season than with a good old-fashion summer pie? Concord grape, peanut butter chocolate, banana cream, we can't get enough. But we don't want just any pie. We want the tastiest pie, one you can't just help but have a second slice of.

And so the search begins for the best summer pie recipe we can find. And while we love the classic blueberry and cherry, we're looking for a show-stopping and original pie recipe. One that we may not have come across before. One that will "wow" just about anyone who tastes it. If you've got such a pie in your recipe box, enter the recipe contest and share it with us! You can win not only the glory of having the ultimate summer pie recipe, but also an Emile Henry 12" Pie Dish.

Summer Pie Recipe Showdown

How it'll work: You'll have 14 days to submit your original recipe (check out instructions below); the call for submissions will close 6/14/12. Each recipe will be voted upon by the readers of our site to determine the top three contestants. The voting will end 6/19/12. The top three recipes will be made and tested in our kitchen to determine whose recipe will be named the Best Pie Recipe on 6/28/12.

What you can win: Emile Henry 12" Pie Dish, retail value of $49.95.

How you can enter: Send us an email at with your recipe, a photo of your pie and a short sentence telling us why your recipe is so delicious.