06/04/2012 09:41 am ET

'Prometheus' International Box Office: 'Alien' Prequel Starts Strong Abroad

North American audiences won't be able to debate the merits of "Prometheus" until Friday, but overseas ticket buyers are likely engaged in some nerdy discourse right this second. That's because "Prometheus" opened in 15 foreign territories last Friday, including Russia and the United Kingdom. Overall, Ridley Scott's action film took in $35 million during its debut weekend.

"Prometheus" -- which lives in the same universe as Scott's seminal sci-fi horror film "Alien" -- grossed $11.1 million in Russia, the biggest of its territories, but the film's $9.9 million showing in the UK might have been even more impressive. Not only did "Prometheus" debut at No. 1 in England (ahead of "Snow White and the Huntsman"), but it was Scott's biggest film ever in the country, surpassing the opening salvo of "Hannibal."

"Prometheus" also had the second biggest opening of the year in France, behind only "Marvel's The Avengers."

The film continues a recent Hollywood trend of debuting overseas first: Both "The Avengers" and "Battleship" premiered abroad before screening on U.S. shores. "The Amazing Spider-Man" will open in India, ahead of its U.S. release.

"Prometheus" is expected to win the weekend here in the U.S. when it debuts on June 8.

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