06/04/2012 06:43 pm ET Updated Jun 05, 2012

Samuel 'Blowfish' Blyveis, Student, Raps Graduation Speech, 'How You Get Through High School' (VIDEO)

A graduating senior had four year's worth of pointers for the incoming freshman class. But instead of boring the audience with formal words of encouragement, he "rapped" up all his advice into one catchy tune.

Samuel "Blowfish" Blyveis took the podium during the St. Joseph High School ceremony and rapped tips on the best way to get through high school, according to a video posted to YouTube by user Alyson Snyder.

In his lyrics, the new alumnus touches on how to deal with important milestones, such as getting a car, passing the ACTs and scoring a date to prom. But he also has some words of wisdom for staying true to oneself:

"I must leave you this to ponder for a while / Don't don't freak out or focus too much on finding your style / It will build from you; you define what cool is. / And that's how you get through high school, kids."

The nontraditional speech was well-received among friends, family and faculty who all laugh and cheer as Blyveis goes through the verses. Reddit user Gordon_Shumway even posted a link to the video with the caption: "Was your graduation speech this epic? Nope? Didn't think so."

Although Blyveis' song was a hit with the crowd, he's not the first student to deliver his speech through clever lyrics.

Last year, valedictorian Alaine Caudle rapped her commencement speech at Doniphan West High School in Highland, Kan. The student even had her peers on their feet dancing to the beat, CBS reported at the time.