06/04/2012 05:43 pm ET

'Sister Wives' Husband Kody Brown Talks Relationships

Sunday's episode of TLC's "Sister Wives" showed that Kody Brown and his four wives once again seem to be struggling with their relationships. But keep in mind, the episodes airing now were taped as far back as Valentine’s Day, when the family members had just moved to Las Vegas and a lot was happening to them. Today the family is in a much happier place.

Kody discussed the challenges of his marital relationships on Monday. “I notice you are married,” Kody said to me, observing the ring on my fourth finger. “So you understand the responsibility that you share with the emotions of this person, who is your best friend, but she’s an emotional being, most likely being a woman. And so you’re shouldering all kinds of issues.”

When I pointed out that most people who wear a wedding ring are committed to one person, while he was committed to four, his wife Christine jumped in.

“You are making me very angry, very angry inside. He’s in a committed relationship, just because he has…” She stopped to regain her composure. “It's hard to put into words. When you are raised in a society you have the dream of living in a plural marriage and you don’t look at it as anything but a special relationship. It’s really weird to think of people that wouldn’t think it was a special thing."

The TLC family's new book, "Becoming Sister Wives," is in stores now. "Sister Wives" airs Sundays at 9/8c on TLC.