06/04/2012 02:26 pm ET

Squirrel Runs Onto Coors Field During Rockies Dodgers Game (VIDEO)

As the Rockies fight their way out of a month-long May slump, the team has moved to firm up its roster. Among the steps taken: designating Jamie Moyer for assignment, and picking up a "Rally Squirrel."

The Rally Squirrel first appeared June 3, during the bottom of the sixth inning of the Rockies-Dodgers game. Video shows the critter scamper onto the field, linger momentarily by Wilin Rosario's ankles, then hop over to spend quality time with Rockies' 3rd base coach Rich Dauer.

It may be too early to place the Rockies' Rally Squirrel on a pedestal as high as the Cardinals' famous Rally Squirrel, but the Rockies' squirrel only just made the big leagues, so (for now at least) we won't put too much pressure on the guy.

WATCH the rally squirrel's inaugural performance for the Rockies, above. A recap of the Cardinals' squirrel, below: