06/05/2012 02:48 pm ET

New Yorker Editor David Remnick Talks Future Of Print, Paywalls (VIDEO)

New Yorker editor David Remnick weighed in on the future of journalism on Tuesday, maintaining that his magazine has a certain competitive edge over online media.

He appeared on "CBS This Morning" for a wide-ranging talk with Charlie Rose. When asked to identify the "essence" of the magazine, Remnick said that he wanted the New Yorker to be about "depth" and "spending a lot of time on particular stories."

He compared the publication to online media, saying that the amount of resources and talent devoted to stories in the New Yorker is "very rare."

"The Internet is extremely rich and extremely varied but... the number of places where people are spending more than a few minutes or a few hours, much less days and months on a story, and getting to the type of story that David Sanger just talked about takes time and it takes money," he opined.

Remnick also came out strongly in favor of online paywalls — something that the New York Times instituted last year. "I cannot give you everything on the Internet for free and make you think well the New Yorker is just something that comes out of the faucet," he said. He said that newspapers made a "big mistake" when they made content available for free.

Later, he made a prediction about the future of media. "I think the publications — on the web, on digital platforms and in print — that people really want are going to survive and thrive," he forecasted. "The New Yorker is something that people have proven time and time again that they really want."



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