06/05/2012 04:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Galaxy S3 Drop Test: SquareTrade Compares Samsung Superphone To iPhone 4S In Brutal Tests (VIDEO)

Since Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III is hitting American stores soon, the folks at SquareTrade reasoned that it was time to put the new phone through the time-honored tradition of dropping it on concrete.


In a new YouTube video, SquareTrade employees put the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 4S through a series of drop tests, purportedly to find out which top-of-the-line smartphone is more durable. First, they dropped each smartphone from ear-level, as though losing control of the phone while making a call; second, they allowed two children to throw each phone as high as they could; and third, they left both phones on top of a car and then drove away, letting the phones fall to the hard asphalt below.

Take a look to see which smartphone came out the least-destroyed:

Does this video tell you, the consumer, anything significant about either phone, or which one is less likely to break should you purchase one? Meh, not really. This isn't a scientific experiment, with controls and variables and huge sample sizes and low error margins. It's a bunch of guys and gals with cameras flinging gadgets around, marveling at the way the screen cracks.

Also, SquareTrade, the maker of the video, is a website that sells warranties for phone breakage. I believe there's a conflict of interest somewhere in there.

Anyway, it's good, clean fun, and everyone here at HuffPost loves watching expensive devices get smashed to bits. As the U.S. release date of the Galaxy S3 nears -- a version is already available in Europe and Asia, though the American model won't be in stores until June 21st -- you can expect to see a lot more news about what many judge to be the best Android smartphone in the world.

And if you do end up getting a GS3 (or any smartphone) later this June: Try not to leave it on top of your car, okay?