06/05/2012 04:45 pm ET

Sharrieckia Page, Commerce City Mother Accused, Of Murdering Her 7-Month-Old Who Was Found In A Landfill

After about eight weeks of searching through a Denver area landfill, the Commerce City Police Department believe they have found the remains of a 7-month-old infant that went missing nearly two months ago.

The missing infant's mother, 23-year-old Sharrieckia Page, is being held at Adams County Detention Center on charges of first-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. And although the remains discovered at the Denver-area landfill have not been identified, authorities believe them to belong to Page's missing baby.

The Denver Post reports that authorities believe they have found the remains of Torry Brown, Jr., the 7-month-old son of Page and father Torrey Brown, who is estranged from Page. Brown told The Denver Post that when authorities told him that remains were found and they may belong to his missing son he was devastated by the discovery saying, "It's still shocking and everyone is taking it hard."

On March 29, Page called 911 to report that her young son had gone missing from her apartment and 7News reports that police officers were then called in to investigate Dumpsters near the mother's apartment where they removed some bags.

Prosecutors believe that Page smothered her baby boy in his crib, placed his body in a book bag and then disposed of his body in a nearby Dumpster, according to Fox31.

Several days after the initial call to 911 and search of nearby waste receptacles, detectives launched a massive search of the Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site. For over 53 days, 500 people from more than two dozen agencies and organizations participated in the search for young Torry, Jr. in the 2.5 acre landfill and sorted through 9,900 tons of waste before the remains were found.

According to Page's arrest affidavit, Page said some disturbing things to the police, it reads: "The defendant has recently made statements that if she were to kill one child, she would've killed them all because they are 'bad.'" The affidavit goes on to describe Page as a "serious risk" to her living children and the community.

Page has two older children who have been taken into protective custody.

But this wasn't the first time Page has mentioned the killing of children. Before Torry, Jr. went missing, Corinthiah Brown, the baby's grandmother told The Denver Post in April of a ominous conversation she had with Page while she was still living in Aurora. Brown described Page as saying, "I can't do this, it's hard for me. You're going to find him in a casket."

Torry's uncle Jerrail Brown described Torry, Jr.'s disposition to CBS4, "So full of life, laughing, always smiling. I don't understand how something like that can happen."